Natural Juices



  1. Feel Like Makin' Love
  2. Lady Fair
  3. Natural Juices
  4. Can't Get Enough Of You
  5. River
  6. Shell Of A Man
  7. Dream Of You And Me
  8. Waterfall
  9. Honey Can You Know
  10. The Perfect Dream

All songs written by Eugene McDaniels
Lady Fair written by Eugene McDaniels and Dennis Collins Johnson

Ode Records, 1975

Producer  Eugene McDaniels
Drums  Idris Muhammed
Electric Bass  Gary King
Engineer  Hank Cicalo
Engineer [Assistant]  Milt Calice
Guitar  Billy Connors, David T. Walker, Mean Dean Parks,
Roland Batista
Keyboards  Bob James
Organ  Richard Tee
Percussion  Ralph MacDonald
Saxophone, Flute  Walter Parazaider
Tenor Saxophone Tom Scott
Trombone  Jim Pankow
Trumpet  Lee Loughnane
Vibraphone Victor Feldman
Woodwind Plas Johnson, Ronnie Laws
Engineer  Hank Cicalo
Engineer [Assistant]  Milt Calice
Concertmaster  Bill Nuttycombe
Backing Vocals  Afreeka Trees, Carmen Bryant, Carolyn Willis, Kathy Collier, Kneddy Gloud, Marti McCall, Morgan Ames
Backing Vocals, Co-producer [Associate Producer], Arranged By [Vocal Arrrangements] – Jim Gilstrap





Alone in my waterfall
Watching the rain
Wishing that we were all free from the pain
Free to be free 

From the pain that surrounds us
Constantly hounds us

Flows over us all
Help us find peace of mind
For one and all
Oh, waterfall

Flow o’er us all
Help us grow, help us know
Respect for all

Flow o’er us all
Help us see, help us be
Free for all

Waterfall Flow o’er us all
Cleanse our souls
Make our goals for one and all