Welcome to the official Eugene McDaniels aka Gene aka Left Rev McD website!

As creators of the site and fans of his music we are dedicated to expanding his important legacy, exploring the multi-musical personalities of Eugene McDaniels. From pop to provocation and much of the music in between Eugene followed the whims of his muse, his conscience and his heart as a songwriter, singer, and producer. 

No matter how, when or where you first heard of Eugene McDaniels there is something here for you! Thank you to Mike Rich of Mike Rich Designs for bringing his love of the music to the piece he created for the site and a huge thank you to Jim Petty of Workplay Media for bringing his appreciation of the music, for his partnering in the creation of the website, and his help to realizing a vision barely formed at the inception of this project. 

There is more to come as the story of Eugene, his legacy and the scope of influence of his music continues to unfold. 

We'd love to hear from you! Please let us know in the comments section of the blog that you were here, we'd love to hear about how you first heard of Eugene, what you'd like to see more of, or if you know something about his music that we haven't covered yet.